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Sorbothane® Comfort Series
Designed to provide maximum comfort and protection from foot, leg and back pain, the Sorbothane Comfort Series Insoles fits easily into all types of shoes and boots. These versatile insoles can be interchanged between shoes to assure full time protection. All Sorbothane Comfort Series insoles feature an engineered, antimicrobial top cover to help control moisture and keep feet cool and dry.
SorboLite® Comfort Sole

Perfect for all day, everyday shock protection, this trim-to-fit multi-purpose insole reduces pain in feet, knees, hips and lower back. Put SorboLite® insoles in dress, casual, walking, work shoes and boots border-right-width:
SorboGel® Insole (IN-GEL)
The SorboGel® insole is designed for people who spend a lot of time on their feet or are experiencing discomfort and fatigue from conditions such as diabetes. This advanced Sorbothane® gel insole incorporates airflow channels for superior comfort.
Comfort Arch Support™

Designed to fit in any shoe, this length insole combines an orthotic graphite arch support with Sorbothane® cushioning comfort and foot strike protection.

Sorbothane® Performance Series
The solution for comfort and protection in athletic, work, specialty shoes and boots. Sorbothane Performance Series Insoles feature a contoured advance foam formulation and are ergonomically designed for active users. These versatile, lightweight insoles provide arch support, heel control and Sorbothane protection. Sorbothane Performance Series Insoles are designed to replace the existing insoles in shoes.
Ultra Work-Sport™ Insole (IN-WRK)
A performance replacement insole featuring a cupped heel and molded arch for stability along with Sorbothane® inserts for foot-strike protection. The Ultra Work-Sport™ insole works well with athletic shoes, work shoes and boots.
SorboAir® Insole

Designed for the fitness minded, SorboAir® insoles are 100% air-infused Sorbothane® from heel-to-toe. This contoured insole provides lightweight support and superior Sorbothane® protection.
Ultra Graphite Arch™ (IN-GRA)
The Ultra Graphite Arch™ insole combines orthotic arch support with Sorbothane® foot-strike protection. Designed for all activities, the Ultra Graphite Arch™ will continue to provide support and comfort with every step you take.

Sorbothane® Heel Series
SorboGel® Heel (HL-GEL)
Concentrated comfort for those who prefer a partial insole or are concerned with a tight fit. The SorboGel® Heel fits easily into a wide variety of shoes for all activities. Enjoy concentrated Sorbothane® heel-strike protection.
Accommodative Heel Pad (HL-ACC)
An all Sorbothane® heel pad designed to accommodate and redistribute the weight from a painful area of the heel. Can be used for the discomfort management of calcaneal contusions and bone spurs.
Ultra Heel Cup™ (HL-CUP)
Heel Cup's contoured design provides stability, support and concentrated Sorbothane protection.



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