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Impact, vibration and noise protection - Sorbothane is a thermoset, polyether base, polyurethane material that combines high-energy absorption with faultless memory. Its' unique liquid-solid properties allow it to simultaneously absorb shock and isolate vibration even at high frequency ratios. Sorbothane resists dynamic fatigue, creep and compression set, even at temperature extremes, without any significant change.

In the field of ergonomics, Sorbothane plays a major role in protecting workers by reducing the effects of harmful energy. Studies show the majority of impact and vibration related injuries occur in a pattern. First there is the pain and fatigue resulting from the work being done. Next comes the mental fatigue, causing the worker either to slow down which reduces efficiency, or to adapt his posture, leading to possible further injury.

Sheet Stock

Sorbothane’s unique liquid-solid properties allow it simultaneously to absorb shock and to isolate vibration even at high frequency ratios.

The solution to:

  • Drive Train Vibrations
  • Impact Shock
  • Body Tissue Injury
  • Energy Wave Transients
  • Sensitive Equipment Packaging
  • Pneumatic Tool Vibrations
  • Multiple Frequency Interference
  • Sensitive Devices Isolation
  • Rebound Shock
  • System Components Vibration
Sheet Stock

Available in sheet form 12” x 12” and 24” x 24” and in thickness’ of 1/10” to 1.0” with a durometer range of 30 to 70.

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